Chauffeur Job Description

Chauffeurs are typically the first and often the only people who meet our clients. Consequently, our chauffeurs’ appearance and the manner in which they conduct themselves is critical.

A Star Transportation Chauffeurs aim to please and to make certain clients have a memorable experience, whether being transported to or from an airport, business meetings or attending an important event to and from another state.

We are looking for the best, so if you are service oriented, and have excellent communication skills, I would like to set up an interview with you!

Primary responsibilities

  • Drive high profile passengers from one place to another in one of my  luxury vehicles.
  • Determine directions to traveling locations.
  • Use knowledge of local streets and traffic patterns to avoid heavy traffic.
  • Keep exterior and interior of vehicle clean
  • Carry packages and luggage.
  • Help passengers get in and out of car.


  • Chauffeurs are expected to be mannerly and courteous in all driving and non-driving situations.
  • Good grooming and personal hygiene with clean and proper dress as instructed by the employer are expected.
  • Calm, rational behavior and attitude under stressful driving conditions are attributes of a professional, as are refraining from inappropriate or abusive language and gestures.
  • Personal chauffeurs follow instructions and requests without argument or complaint, and do not comment, engage or join in conversations of passengers without permission.
  • Use of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication that inhibit cognitive or mechanical ability — either on the job, while on call or before a scheduled shift — is illegal.
  • A sober, fully functional chauffeur is expected by the employer at all times.

Candidates Must:

  • Have U.S. citizenship, or eligibility to live & work in the U.S.
  • Fluent in the English language * High School education or higher
  • Possess basic math and grammar skills
  • Be 25 years of age or above
  • Have a Clean Driving Record
  • Able to Pass Drug Screen and Background Check
  • Able to safely drive luxury sedans, SUV’s , limousines, and 15 passenger vans
  • Able to safely handle up to 75lbs of luggage
  • Possess vast knowledge of the Cleveland, OH and its freeway system.
  • Tech savvy (utilizing apps, navigation systems, logging in & out of a computer is mandatory)
  • Drive and work in a suit and tie under various environmental conditions
  • Desire to maintain a company vehicle in an impeccable condition
  • Prior chauffeur experience is preferable but not necessary

As a Chauffeur You Will:

  • Prepare route for trip prior to departure. In addition, review trip tickets prior to departure for pertinent information on all trips assigned for the shift.
  • Be knowledgeable of traffic patterns that might impact travel times and makes adjustments accordingly.
  • Arrive to transport passengers at the predetermined arrival time set by dispatch.
  • Operate all vehicles within all state and federal laws as well as all company policies. Comply with all speed limits and road signs, Wear a seat belt at all times while vehicle is in motion. Not talk on cell phone at any time while operating a vehicle.

Communicate with dispatchers throughout their shift regarding their status accurately and in a timely manner. Accurately complete all required paperwork at the end of each shift including but not limited to Trip Tickets and Vehicle Condition Reports. Accurately complete Hours of Service paperwork at the end of each work week.